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Change to how we handle the confirmation page

  • Posted by: Marcus
  • Category: Support

As some of our customers will be aware, we’ve recently had an issue where some end users [your customers] may have reported not receiving a confirmation email after making a booking. This affected users with Hotmail or email addresses. The reason this happens is that Microsoft employ junk mail filters at the server side. i.e. on their end before the email routed to their customer ever reaches the customer inbox. While Microsoft acknowledge this as a problem, they don’t provide any specific instructions for how to correct the issue, as they say this would be a security risk, and may allow their systems to be exploited by spammers.

What has it meant for you as a customer of iBooking?
This bit you probably know. Sometimes a customer will make a booking but never receive an email confirmation. They will then contact you and ask you to resent it. Resending to a Hotmail or outlook address won’t work because the emails from are never delivered.

What is the solution?
Rather than rely on the successful delivery of a booking confirmation, we’ve made a change to the confirmation page – the final page on the booking system after your customer makes a transaction. On this page we’ve added a link to download the confirmation as a PDF file. We still send the email, but this method will ensure all customers get their confirmation. PDF is now a very universal file format so all customers should be able to download, view and print the confirmation. Here’s how that page now appears;

We hope this stops the problem of customers not receiving email confirmations. If you have any more questions on this issue, or our fix, please contact us via our support channel –

Author: Marcus
Marcus founded iBooking in 2003. He currently juggles the CEO role alongside various other investments and early stage digital startups. He looks after all aspects of product development and is passionate about helping customers generate more sales, with greater efficiency.