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Our newest payment partner –

  • Posted by: Marcus
  • Category: iBlog

At we’re always looking for ways to make ticket sales easier for both end-users and our customers. We now integrate directly with – one of the smartest payment gateway providers on the market. are a UK based payment processor but they process a wide variety of card types in dozens of currencies. We like them because their payment screens are the most logical and customer-friendly we’ve worked with. Why does that matter? It matters because the vast majority of cases where a customer experiences a problem is due to an issue with the link between the booking engine and the payment gateway. If the transition is not seamless, customers can easily become confused. has focussed on creating a really logical user interface both for end-users making online bookings, and for staff who may be processing cardholder not present sales using a virtual terminal. As an added bonus they have some of the lowest commission charges on the market.

A beautifully designed payment interface can provide a meaningful boost to conversions.

We have done all the integration work so it’s easy to make the switch to Contact us and we can put you in direct contact.

Author: Marcus
Marcus founded iBooking in 2003. He currently juggles the CEO role alongside various other investments and early stage digital startups. He looks after all aspects of product development and is passionate about helping customers generate more sales, with greater efficiency.