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Introducing Dashboard

  • Posted by: Marcus
  • Category: iBlog

Hi. We’re pleased to announce another upgrade for all iBooking Ticket customers. In our continual quest to make iBooking better than ever we’re releasing a change to the default page you see when you login to your iBooking account. Our new dashboard screen will appear on all accounts this week.

The dashboard screen is designed to provide an overview of your account performance, along with easy access to the tools and features you use most often. A reporting overview ribbon provides a summary of your account, with a note of recent performance and the status of your live routes [journeys, tours or activities]. Under the reporting ribbon we’ve created a new tabbed interface with access to place a booking, review recent bookings, and access to your driver reports [or operator reports for those selling activities]. You can also access the Allocations report to make quick changes to the number of seats available for sale across any of your products.

Reports have always been a key feature of iBooking Ticket but our data has shown that most customers don’t use many of the reports available to them. We’ve moved a few of the most valuable reports to the dashboard and redesigned the charting format to make reports easier and more informative. Now you can view monthly performance reports right from the dashboard and compare how your business is performing with the same period last year. You can also see at a glance where your business is being generated – from online sales, staff sales, and agent sales.

We hope you like the dashboard. It will be live in your account over the next 24 hours. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Author: Marcus
Marcus founded iBooking in 2003. He currently juggles the CEO role alongside various other investments and early stage digital startups. He looks after all aspects of product development and is passionate about helping customers generate more sales, with greater efficiency.