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Get to Know iBooking Ticket

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Easy to Get Started

iBooking Ticket is a ready to run application. Just configure with your data, customise your booking engine, connect a payment gateway, and you can be up and running in as little as a few days.

Pay Only for Performance

With no fixed costs and a simple commission on online sales, iBooking Ticket is cost-effective and great value.

Cloud Hosted

iBooking Ticket is hosted on the cloud using Microsoft Azure servers. for you, it means maximum reliability, high performance, and peace of mind knowing your data is protected and secure.

Open New Booking Channels

iBooking Ticket can open doors to sales from all kinds of new sales channels. Our in-built Agent and Affiliate functionality makes it easy to drive revenues from both current and new partners.

Feature-Rich Booking Engine

Our booking engine has been developed and enhanced since 2003. We’re loaded with features designed to make booking a breeze, and to keep your customer coming back for more.

Commission Free Staff Bookings

Our internal booking diary allows your staff to enter bookings from any source completely free of commission. Create as many staff accounts as you need. There’s never an additional charge.

Before Requesting a Customised Demonstration Account
We are happy to create a customised demonstration account tailored to your business. Before we do, we’d like you to make a test booking on one of our preview accounts. We have accounts for both scheduled service and airport transfer businesses, as well as a test account to represent a sightseeing tour business. Just provide your name and email address and we will take you right to the demo page. From their you can send us further details to help us create your own account.

Choose the demo account that best suits your business. You can have a look at all of them once you have made a selection.